Review RunPro Insoles – Low Arch Profile – Europe’s Leading, Very supportive. Fit well.

A several days before. I search for information on the RunPro Insoles – Low Arch Profile – Europe’s Leading Insoles for Running, so i have to tell.

RunPro Insoles - Low Arch Profile - Europe's

currexSole RunPro insoles – are the only technical running insoles which are specifically designed for running – only insoles with DYNAMIC arch support (3 dimensional and still flexible) – ultra light (30 grams) – breathable with moisture management – very low profile (4mm) – ZERO heel drop and therefore appropriate for racing and minimalistic shoes as well – rounded heal to …. Read more or Check Price

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Customer Reviews Purchased this product

These low-profile Orthotics (meaning not thick) are great for my flat feet. Can I use them in sneakers or flats. by Diana L. Staab

Really like them so far I’d give it 5 but it takes only a bit more I was hopeing cushion in the front half of the slab. by Jaymie R.

Awesome My son wears these in his basketball shoes and we just continue to buy over and over again. Last only one season which is what we expect. by M Eschen

Perfect for my shoes for stability and arch support …. my bow now supports full and is perfect for adjusting all day at work or running. by Ravi S.


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